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(WAVY) – To recognize the 400th anniversary of the first Africans brought to English North America, officials at Fort Monroe.

He went without sleep for almost 36 hours, describing the chaotic events of June 1968. From week to week, he introduced.

Leaders from San Francisco’s black community stood up for the preservation of George Washington High School’s controversial.

The San Francisco Board of Education voted Tuesday to paint over a mural series showing George Washington. Arnautoff’s "Life of Washington" mural, which is expected to cost some $600,000 and take.

When you think about George Washington, what image comes to mind?. who helps us shed light on important people and events in early American history.

Join us for a historical adventure. The park preserves the site where George Washington crossed the. Please join us for one of our many special events.

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It’s still summer break, but George Washington High School on Thursday was filled with members of the public hoping to get a look at a controversial mural at the center of a national debate over.

In Hamilton, Washington found a brilliant administrator who could help bring order to an unruly army, and. Major funding provided by. Alexander Hamilton and his Patron, George Washington. Get the latest on new films and digital content, learn about events in your area, and get your weekly fix of American history.

Explore by Timeline: The New Nation, outline the events and buildings that. George Washington selected Pierre-Charles L'Enfant to design the new city of. In 1792, the federal government's first major architectural competitions took place.

The Sweet Dreams French Bakery and Café has opened in York County, at 1215 George Washington Memorial Highway The bakery.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle features the full line-up and schedule for this year’s Battle of Brooklyn events. The festivities.

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General George Washington Resigning His Commission to Congress As Commander in Chief of the Army at Annapolis, Maryland, December 23d, 1783, John.

LITCHFIELD — The town of Litchfield proved vitally important in winning for the colonials the. plot to capture or kill.

Santire sent me an e-mail saying that the questions didn’t cover important historical issues. formed to draft the Declaration of Independence was headed by: a) George Washington b) Thomas Jefferson.

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(WAVY) – Fort Monroe is just days away from a milestone commemoration and staff are busy preparing for the event. Earlier.

It’s all part of a commemoration to President George. very important to the president.” NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Newport News Shipbuilding is working to recover a longtime employee who was.

18th-century stone house that was used by General George Washington as he brought the Revolutionary war to a close. Special programs/events available. The Woman of History award acknowledges Martha Washington's important place.

Where did George Washington spend his first night as President?. What are the three most important events to have occurred in the Assembly Room of.

George Washington. to seek a third term as president in order to demonstrate that a peaceful transfer of power was more important than who was in power.

Feb 17, 2014. A cynic might conclude that George Washington, the first president of the. dangerous, chaotic, and important leadership position of his life.

He played along with the crowd at the Turning Point USA event, asking, “Who?” The crowd again shouted, “George Washington. percentage of the judiciary than the historical average over two terms.

The U.S. Capitol Historical Society hosted an event celebrating the 116th Congress. Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins John Logsdon, founding director of George Washington University’s Space.

A cross section of the American story awaits visitors attending the annual storytelling festival at George Washington Carver National Monument. The event, slated for Friday and Saturday, brings.

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The George Washington Bicentennial Commission. The chart’s representation of time and causation isn’t intuitive. The trunk contains major events related to the formation of the United States as a.

He went without sleep for almost 36 hours, describing the chaotic events of June 1968. From week to week, he introduced hour-long segments on such diverse historical figures as George Washington,

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